Home Plus Plus Plus offers affordable and up-to-date furniture for people who are looking for value in every shopping experience. We also offer services that include construction and renovation of your dream home.

We accept customized furniture designs that would fit the personality and budget of the owner in every way we can.

We don’t just customize and create some of our furniture, we also help indigent people of Lubao, Pampanga (known for great handy craft works) to have a source of living by hiring them to express their creativity in making your furniture designs. Moreover,we are devoted in giving 10% of our income to charities as we believe that we don’t exist for living only but also to make a life for others.

Together, we commit ourselves to give you the best that you want for your houses whether it may be the layout, the designs, and the new look from construction up to the smallest details of your fixtures. By buying with us, you are able to join us to better the homes of others and we are able to help you to convert your house into a HOME.